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Peter Busser peter at devbox.adamantix.org
Fri Jan 23 00:17:08 CET 2004


I would like to organise one or more Adamantix and/or RSBAC related workshops
in the near future (probably early February). But I have no idea wether there
is any interest in attending such workshops.

The location will probably be Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is about 130km from
Antwerp, 200km from Aachen, 160km from the German border near Bad Bentheim
(Autobahn A30) and 170km from Duisburg. It is also reachable from Amsterdam

The workshop will be held either in Dutch or in English, depending on the
group. Topics depend on the experience and the demand of the people who attend.
Emphasis will be on doing and trying out things. But there will be some theory
involved too of course. The workshops will be held on a workday during office
hours. You have to bring your own computer.

It will probably cost somewhere around 10,- Euro for private attendees,
including study material and drinks, but not including the lunch. For corporate
attendees (I mean, when you have one of those ``a 10 Euro course can not be any
good and therefore I won't allow you to do it in worktime, period'' kind of
bosses and/or when you feel like sponsoring Adamantix development :-), more
appropriate prices can be negotiated.

If you are interested, then please let me know. Please send me an e-mail
directly (peter at adamantix.org). Do not reply to the mailing list(s)!

I would like to know:
- Is such a workshop useful for you? (And if not, why not?)
- Where you are coming from
- How you will be traveling (might be useful to arrange some transportation)
- Which language you prefer (Dutch or English)
- Do you have experience with RSBAC?
- Do you have experience with Adamantix?
- Which is your favorite Linux? (Just to get an idea of what you already know)
- Which topics are of interest to you?
- If you are interested in such workshops in different places and in different
  languages (if there is enough interest, it might be worth to organise it in
  different places).

Again: Please e-mail me directly. Please do not send replies to the mailing

(And please forward this e-mail to anywhere you think appropriate.)

Peter Busser
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