[rsbac] rsbac_rc_get_item () returned error -1009! rsbac thread pid 4294967295 ??

gabor.horvath at konicaminolta.hu gabor.horvath at konicaminolta.hu
Fri Jan 16 14:33:34 CET 2004

Dear Memebers,

I have a strange error now. I ahve installed a standard (v3) Debian and
applied my rsbac backup to it. I was very surprised when I realized that I
cannot boot the machine. At the very moment when init should start I get a
shell. No access to anything. Just internal commands. cd /etc : operation
not permitted...

Removed all rsbac.dat and booting (not maintance kernel) is OK. rsbac
regenerated standard settings.

Restored only a subset (including just rc_type_fds) to the machine I got
(just before init should start)
rsbac_adf_request_rc(): rsbac_rc_get_item() returned error -1009!
rsbac_init(): Started rsbac thread with pid 4294967295 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
kernel pani: no init found (blah..blah..)

kernel is 2.4.24 with rsbac 1.2.2 (all the 6 bugfixes are applied). This
machine uses two SATA HDDs with software RAID but as no problem with
standard settings I suppose this is not a problem.

My rsbac settings are working on more then 4 machines with 1.2.2-pre5
version without any problem.
I am very frustated because I cannot get a shell to see what can be the
problem (without init). rsbacd thread pid is also very interesting above..

Anyone with a clue?

Üdvözlettel / Kind regards

Gabor Horvath
mailto:gabor.horvath at konicaminolta.hu

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