[rsbac] Bugfix 1.2.2-7: General/Initrd: Cannot umount initial ramdisk

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Fri Feb 20 14:04:49 CET 2004


The next bugfix has been uploaded. The patch might not apply cleanly against 
kernels before 2.4.23, because it also changes fs/namespace.c. On 2.2 
kernels, just skip that part.

7. General/Initrd: Cannot umount initial ramdisk

    * What you see: When booting with an initial ramdisk (initrd) and the 
required delayed RSBAC init, the initrd cannot be umounted with error EBUSY.
    * What is wrong: With delayed init, RSBAC initialization is triggered by 
the mount program run from initrd and the rsbacd kernel thread keeps the 
mount program as parent. This keeps files on initrd referenced, so the 
filesystem is busy and cannot be umounted. When RSBAC is initialized, there 
can also be internal mountpoint references, which are invalid after changing 
the root mount with pivot_root and can also keep the initrd mount busy.
    * RSBAC versions affected:1.2.2 and earlier
    * What you should do: Apply this patch (MD5 / GnuPG Cert) to get it fixed.

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