[rsbac] bug in rsbac-2.6.7 and rsbac-2.6.9 when compiling with GCC-3.4.3

Rumen Yotov rumen_yotov at dir.bg
Sat Dec 4 15:15:57 CET 2004

In order to compile rsbac-2.6.X with gcc-3.4.X beside some patches
already in rsbac need to change just one function call.
In file: include/rsbac/fs.h (famous __fput function)
Was: extern void __fput(struct file *);
Compiles with: extern void FASTCALL(__fput(struct file *));
Somewhere there is this same function which is declared FASTCALL, so the
need to correct it here too.
PS: there are also some warnings issued by gcc-3.4.3 about function
always returning true/false, missing C90 specs etc. nothing scary.
Rumen Yotov <rumen_yotov at dir.bg>
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