[rsbac] bugreport: newbie's observations

Jan Minar jjminar at fastmail.fm
Mon Apr 19 19:26:59 CEST 2004


I've decided to use RSBAC (or re-decided to try using it again, rather).
There are few problems an uninitiated will come across:

(1) There are just too many files, and it's not quite clear what to do
with them.  The kernel patches, the bugfixes, the .tar.gz, ... And the
links to them are scattered all around the www.rsbac.org pages.

What to do:

(a) There should be just one download page, that would have all the
links.  It should be clear whether e.g. the bugfix patches should be
applied against the stable release, or whether they are applied already.

(b) The archive structure should be easily comprehensible, it should be
clear which version is the [last]
stable/development/experimental/historical/not-to-use (cf. kernel.org).
It should be clear which files should I get (e.g. .../v1.2.2/<symlinks
to all the files here>).

(c) Preferably, the number of files to get should be lowered to zero.
An installation script should be provided if it's not possible.  [1]Aap
seems promising.

[1] http://www.a-a-p.org/ports.html


The complexity would be lowered, the installation process will be less
error-prone, and the learning curve will be steeper.  It shall also be
orthogonal with the overall user-friendliness e.g. of the bugfixes
description page.

(2) The files/signatures in the archive are inconsistent:  there are
unsigned patches, there are signatures whose name doesn't properly match
the signed file name.

What to do:

(a) Those not-yet-signed files should be signed *now*.

(b) The naming inconsistencies should be repaired.


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