[rsbac] To-Do List for 1.2.3

Peter Busser peter at adamantix.org
Sun Sep 28 23:56:20 MEST 2003


> This is indeed one way to solve this issue. However if rsbac really were
> path based it would also solve the "~/.Xauthority problem" and remove the
> necessity of "restoring" all permissions after any rpm/deb update.

Computers like numbers. Paths are not numbers. Therefore computers do not like
them. I-node numbers exist for a good reason. Any path-based access control
mechanism will be computer unfriendly. In other words: It will be slow and
cost a lot of memory. Therefore people will hate it.

It would really be a nice idea if you could implement it efficiently.

Peter Busser
The Adamantix Project
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