[rsbac] Re: RSBAC and 2.2 kernels

Wu Yanjun yanjunwu at sonata.iscas.ac.cn
Thu Sep 18 19:12:27 MEST 2003

I strongly agree to remove old kernel support.
Not only because it's unnecessary for most of users,
but also because it leads to  so many #ifdef, #endif etc..
It's code-hackers' nightmare, IMHO. :(

>    1. RSBAC and 2.2 kernels (Amon Ott)
> Once per year the user survey:
> Do we still need 2.2 kernel support for new versions?
> Who of you still uses RSBAC with a 2.2 kernel?
> If there is no longer any need, I could drop a bunch of #ifdefs from the
> common code. Now that 2.6 is also supported, we already have to distinguish
> three cases, sometimes even more in case that interfaces change (again)
> within a stable series. Also, maintaining the patches for 2.2 is some extra
> work which might be unnecessary.
> Amon.

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