[rsbac] LSM support removed and ported to 2.6.0-test9

Peter Busser peter at adamantix.org
Thu Oct 30 09:27:50 MET 2003


> > To do later:
> >
> > - Script to create auth cap setting script from syslog
> Some time ago I wrote such a script in perl, see appendix - it reads the 
> security-log and writes "auth_set_cap ... " commands to stdout.
> It tries to guess where the actually used executable resides (searching in 
> $PATH or in the --path specified on commandline) to write full pathnames in 
> the auth_set_cap commands. If it doesn't find the executable that caused the 
> AUTH deny, it adds a commented-out auth_set_cap command.

But you can do it even smarter. The RSBAC kernel code could add a AUTH cap
record automatically. Every violation adds a new AUTH cap record.

The same can more or less be done for RC. After setting up roles and types, a
lot of time is spent on getting the access vectors right. If access from a role
to a type is denied, the kernel could add the corresponding access bit
automatically. The only thing is, you have to setup roles and types before you
do that and also properly assign types to the various objects in the system.

The logic is simple, for every access violation, there is a setting missing.
Add the setting and there is no violation anymore. And it guarantees that you
provide no more access than is required.

Peter Busser
The Adamantix Project
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