[rsbac] question about the PM model

Chris Wesdorp chriswesdorp at planet.nl
Sat Mar 22 00:42:52 MET 2003

Sebastian wrote:

>as far I know DRM has some rights and data is encrypted, PM model has rights
>and is data is not encrypted.
>for DRM you can get a key and look at the data, PM is user dependant
>DRM is microsfot, PM is ....
and fill in the blanks. I last saw a preview of DRM, for example. When i 
send a mail to my college and i don't want him to copy parts of it i can 
secure the mail and functions like copy-past, screen-shot and forward 
don't work anymore. For what i understand this can also be done with PM.

What's the difference in controling rights with PM and DRM? Can i send 
data to a user with some description of the rights what the receiving 
user may do with this data?


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