[rsbac] RSBAC + sparc64

Andre Pohl apohl at gmx.de
Tue Mar 18 17:17:09 MET 2003

Amon Ott wrote:

>Just rechecked, all RSBAC type definition with shifts use __u64 etc, which 
>should work with any system.
I think I found the problem: In asm-sparc64 the __u64 datatype is 
defined as unsigned long and therefore only 32 bit long. The i386 and 
sparc architectures define  __u64 as unsigned long long which should be 
64 bit long.
Is this an error in the kernel headers or is the basetype long 64 bit in 
sparc64 architecture?

I'll try to change these settings and we'll see what happens.


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