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Amon Ott:

=09That means, deprive root of ADD_TO_KERNEL privilege by means of=
 RC,and then protect the /lib/modules/* from writing by MAC with=
 only read authorization to insmod ,modprobe, rmmod to that DIR=
 by RC?
=09Does the ADD_TO_KERNEL in RC take effect in rsbac 1.1.2 or does=
 RSBAC change much in RC in 1.2? 

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>On Tuesday 04 March 2003 09:23, =C1=F5=B8=EF=B7=C7 wrote:
>> =09I have one question:
>> =09If root insmod a kernel module which has changed the=
 implement of some 
>important syscall,such as open, read and write, how can we=
 ensure the 
>security of kernel with RSBAC?
>We generally do not allow root's default role to insmod=
>Instead, insmod, modprobe, rmmod get a special RC role which has=
 read access 
>only to controlled files, e.g. libraries and /lib/modules/*.
>Additionally, raw access to kernel mem is denied by default, so=
 you cannot 
>bypass the official module syscalls.
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