[rsbac] Question about RSBAC and NFS

Patrique Wolfrum patrique.wolfrum at vwl.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Jun 25 10:18:35 MEST 2003


I am a student from the university of Freiburg (Germany) and also one
of the system adminstrators of the servers of the political economics
part of the university. We get a new server in the next months and as
operating system we choosed Suse Linux. For security purposes we want
to use RSBAC.

But since the old system uses NFS for "mirroring" data from the main
server (which will be replaced by the new one) to the backup server
(operating with AIX 4.3). In the Internet we could not find a real
statement if RSBAC supports NFS in that way, that the "old" system
still works.

Can someone please help me by telling me, if RSBAC supports NFS in the
needed way ?

Thank you very much in advance.

With best regards,
Patrique Wolfrum

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