[rsbac] RC module

polish polish at pf.ujep.cz
Tue Jun 24 11:32:33 MEST 2003

	Hi alls,

  I compiled kernel with RSBAC and RC module on woody. After successful
compilation and instalation, I can't boot new kernel. I finished with
following message :

rsbac_adf_request(): request SEARCH, pid 1, ppid 0, prog_name swapper, uid
0, target_type DIR, tid Device 22:01 Inode 2 Path /, attr none, value 0,
result NOT_GRANTED by RC

  I tried reboot with maintaince version of kernel and setup privileges.
Unsuccesfully. I think that this have trivial solution. I searched in
documantion, but I nothing found.

  I tried stable release 1.2.1 and then 1.2.1.bf5.

	thanks for help		Polish

*  starnem a porad nic, rozum jako kdyby se nam vyhybal  *

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