[rsbac] modules at boottime

Torsten Becker t.becker at nc-world.de
Tue Jun 3 01:55:55 MEST 2003

I have a adamantix kernel with rsbac installed and get a lot of errors 
with the string rsbac_mount() while booting the kernel.
My real problem is that the network cards (RLT8139c) will not be 
installed at boottime. After system is booted I can log on as root and 
insmod the modul 8139too.
I 'm a bloody newbie with rsbac and got only as far as I now can log on 
and follow the examples in the "getting started howto". How can I solve 
the errors and get my nic's installed during booting.
I hint of some god dokuments about thid stuff are very welcome. I have 
read almost all dokus I could find on rsbac.org and related links.

Hope someone will help me ;-)


Torsten Becker

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