[rsbac] undefined symbol: __guard

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Tue Jul 29 16:21:08 MEST 2003

On Tuesday, 29. July 2003 14:18, Czakó Krisztián wrote:
> Anyway, what does this mean:
> so at firewall:~$ auth_set_cap FILE add /usr/sbin/postsuper 100
> AUTH is comiped in.
> attr_set_file_dir FD /usr/sbin/postsuper auth_may_setuid 1
> works.
> debian kernel 2.4.21 + cttproxy + rsbac 1.2.2 + pax

This error should in this case only be returned, if AUTH has not been added, 
or if the tools are from or compiled against an older version. Could you 
please recheck the tool compilation and installation? 

If it still fails, we will have to dig deeper.

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