[rsbac] undefined symbol: __guard

Peter Busser peter at trusteddebian.org
Tue Jul 29 15:47:25 MEST 2003


> Does anyone have a full list of applied kernel patches in Adamantix
> kernel?

RSBAC v1.2.2-pre6 (I think)
FreeS/WAN 1.99-6 (the one from Debian unstable)
PID and IP randomisation patch (by Van Heusden, but with a larger entropy pool)
Host_AP patch (Orinoco Host-AP driver)
Transparent Proxy patch (for the Zorp application firewall package, not for SMP)
A driver for the Gericom Webboy battery
A few fixes, like the ptrace() bug and some others
The changes made by the Debian kernel maintainer
(the kernel-source packages also contains XFS, but not every kernel-image
version compiled with this patch)

Maybe I left out one or two, but they should be listed in the kernel-source
changelog. As soon as .22 comes out, a new kernel-image package will be
released (with updated patches and such).

BTW, the Adamantix kernel-image kernels are also compiled using the Stack
Smashing Protector.

> Anyway, what does this mean:
> so at firewall:~$ auth_set_cap FILE add /usr/sbin/postsuper 100

Is it a file or a symlink?

Peter Busser
The Adamantix Project
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