[rsbac] Version 1.2.2 uploaded

Michael Chang miranda at ion.uranus.com
Fri Jul 25 13:40:28 MEST 2003

|> On Friday, 25. July 2003 13:08, Bencsath Boldizsar wrote:
|> > Btw, as kernel 2.6.0testing1 is out and seems like quite stable (hit
|> > me;-)), what is the plan for rsbac?
|> Finished:
|> - Port to new build and help system


|> To-Do:
|> - Add all the hooks for init, (u)mount, decision requests.
|> I will try to use and translate LSM hooks,

That was where I was going next.  I think hooking into LSM is a good idea;
you're using them for what they were meant for, and it's a good way of
keeping things more grounded in a formalized method of adding a security
infrastructure.  If the LSM folks keep things straight, then its a win-win
situation for everyone (at least, in the long term).

|> where suitable, and only patch in 
|> my own hooks where necessary. If 2.6.0-test takes as long as 2.4.0-test, I 
|> will probably be ready before 2.6.0 comes out.

I would guess that it won't take as long as 2.4, simply because of the LSM
base.  So, unless LSM is poorly documented, it should be smooth sailing.


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