[rsbac] How do I deploy rsbac for apache

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Fri Jul 11 12:47:29 MEST 2003

--- cyq <cyq at dislab.nju.edu.cn> wrote:
> rsbac£¬
>        Hello.How do I deploy rsbac for apache.

There are many ways you could do this, according to
the RSBAC Model that you are most familiar
(comfortable) with.

One (popular) choice might be to use the RC (Role
Compatilbility) model.  
In summary, 
1.  use the RSBAC API's to create a new RC TYPE
(possibly named Apache FD).
2.  Create new Apache role.  Assign proper access
rights for this role to the new (above) created type.

Also, look at the following items previously discussed
in this newsgroup for other possible solutions.  One
link is below:

Hope this helps
--Chirag P.

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