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Joerg Weber j.weber at infos.de
Mon Jul 7 18:20:38 MEST 2003

Hi Alberto,

I just wanted to say "thanks" for the help you provided today- it's
highly appreciated ;)
I hope that I reach astra quickly and that aspera won't be too rough ;)

Thanks again.


> I'm in a hurry (monday ... augh!) but... I would suggest you to look at the
> examples:
> http://www.rsbac.org/examples.htm
> particularly at the RC solution. Obviously you'll apply the rights to the
> directories (/bin, /sbin ..... ) and to the "sparse" files (for example you
> have your favourite script /root/pippo.sh, apply the rights to the script
> and not to /root :-) In substance: what is executable is not writable and
> vice-versa (I know, it could be insufficient, but as a starting point it's
> valuable).
> "Per aspera ad astra"
> Alberto Guglielmo

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