[rsbac] RSBAC + sparc64

Peter Busser peter at trusteddebian.org
Thu Jan 23 12:06:59 MET 2003


> I'm trying to install a RSBAC enabled Linux on an Ultrasparc IIe based 
> system. I followed the installation steps as described and the kernel is 
> build without problems but when I try to use the admin tools I always 
> get the error "Function not implemented". I recompiled the kernel 
> several times and changed some of the settings but that didn't fix the 
> problem.

"Function not implemented" means that the program is trying to call system
calls which do not exist. Perhaps the RSBAC patch does not change the Sparc64
system call table (or not properly). Or you did not enable RSBAC properly in
the kernel.

> System:
> Ultraparc IIe 500Mhz
> 512 MB RAM
> Debian 3.0
> GCC 2.95.4 (or 3.0)

What RSBAC and Linux version are you using? If you type uname -r, you should
see something like: 2.4.20-rsbac.

If you like Debian, you might consider looking at the Trusted Debian project
(www.trusteddebian.org), which is now under development. Unfortunately I don't
have 64bit Sparc hardware, so I can't provide you with any sparc64 kernel-image
packages and binaries at the moment.

Peter Busser

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