[rsbac] sshd as non-root

Thorsten Sauter tsauter at debian.org
Sun Dec 7 23:27:50 CET 2003

* Arnout Engelen <rsbac at rsbac.org> [2003-12-07 19:54]:
| I set up sshd (openssh) so that it doesn't need to be run as root
| anymore. I'm sure many people have done this before me, and better, but
| i figured it'd be nice to make a wikipage out of it on
|   http://zhware.ath.cx/cgi-bin/oswiki.cgi/SshdAsNonRoot
| As always, feel free to add stuff :)

looks very good.

I'm wondering why there is no generic page around, which contains such
"common" solutions. Like ssh, apache, rootfs read-only, ...

I think this will help rsbac beginners a lot.


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