[rsbac] l 2.4.23 + rsbac 1.2.2 (fix 1-5) grsec freeswan(x509)

Bencsath Boldizsar boldi at mail2003.etl.hu
Sat Dec 6 01:28:30 CET 2003

My latest merged version is available on my site

linux 2.4.23
rsbac 1.2.2 + fixes (1-5) +sample module 2 disabled
grsecurity (latest)
freeswan 2.04 + x509 patch 1.4.8
+rsbac admin source

it seems to be "stable" as far as I tested (few days, few different

my remarks:
while upgrading from rsbac 1.2.1 you should take care of AUTH capabilities
- I've lost some (cleared), and you might want to set AUTH cap
" 4294967293      Special: user who started program" for a "lot" of
programs (/usr/bin/mail,/usr/bin/ssh,mtr,ping are some examples).
Setting auth caps for lots of programs makes it real harder to do regular
updates. Do you have any "standards" doing it in a sensitive way?

asking for "help"  in admin tools 1.2.2 rsbac_fd_menu (e.g. Rc force role)
puts on the help of the next item (can this be an index problem of the
menu? ( dialog         0.9a-20020309a ), with dialog  dialog
0.9b-20031002-.. help simply exits the whole menu. (I'm unsure about the

Bencsath Boldizsar
boldi at NOSPAMmail2003.etl.hu

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