[rsbac] New rsync mirror and tar.gz files

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Wed Apr 30 18:36:40 MEST 2003


The rsync versions are now also available as .tar.gz archives with signature. 
You can find them in the rsync main dir. Just unpack in your vanilla kernel 
source tree, configure and compile.

To give you faster access, I have also created a daily HTTP mirror of the 
rsync server at http://rsync.rsbac.org. Unfortunately, there is no way to 
make an rsync server at this address.

Talking about rsync versions: The new MAC implementation seems to work 
(almost) as expected, so the next pre and then 1.2.2-final are now really 
getting closer.

On the fly I have also fixed some problems with the RSBAC own logging 
facility, which Peter Busser found when inspecting and bugfixing the 
rsbac-klogd. The current rsync state should be as stable as v1.2.1, so please 
give it a try.

http://www.rsbac.org - GnuPG: 2048g/5DEAAA30 2002-10-22

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