[rsbac] problem adding rights

Josh Beagley rsbac@rsbac.org
Fri Sep 20 18:31:01 2002

>=A0>=A0On Thursday, 19. September 2002 10:24, Josh Beagley wrote:
>=A0>=A0> slight mounting problem,
>=A0>=A0> when trying to add normal user josh mount rights to block
>=A0>=A0device /dev/hdc, > it seems secoff is unable to:
>=A0>=A0> Sep 19 04:07:35 Lynx kernel:
>=A0rsbac_acl_sys_add_to_acl_entry(): >=A0adding > rights
>=A0>=A0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 for USER
>=A01000 >=A0to > DEV block 22:00 denied for user 400!
>=A0>=A0> still kernel 2.4.19 + rsbac 1.2.0
>=A0>=A0Could you please send the output of
>=A0>=A0acl_rights -u secoff -p DEV /dev/hdc
>=A0>=A0and your grant command issued by secoff?
>=A0>=A0rsbac mailing list
>=A0bash-2.05$ acl_grant -u secoff -p DEV
>=A0/dev/ide/host0/bus1/target0/lun0/cd acl_grant: No target type
>=A0given, assuming FD stat for -p returned error: No such file or
>=A0directory stat for DEV returned error: No such file or directory
>=A0am not to sure of the grant command, as I just used the menu
>=A0rsbac mailing list

sorry I did not mention this before, I am running devfs, so /dev/hdc =
is a
link to /dev/ide/host0/bus1/target0/lun0/cd