R: [rsbac] 1.2.1 ripe for final?

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Tue Sep 17 16:18:01 2002

On Tuesday, 17. September 2002 14:47, Alberto Guglielmo wrote:
> I would risk a YES.....
> I finished just now what would be the protection from rootkits of the LKM
> style, thanks to the last FIFO patch of Amon and the suggestions of Gabor
> Horvath, and I feel comfortable with this last release, notwithstanding the
> pending problem of fsync on ext3 which in my particular case is irrelevant.

The fsync problem is the main show stopper for me. Everything else seems to 
work fine now - at least, there are no more reported bugs.

As soon as ext3 secdel is settled, I will make a final then.