[rsbac] a few problems

Josh Beagley rsbac@rsbac.org
Fri Sep 13 18:11:02 2002

>=A0On Monday, 9. September 2002 09:25, Josh Beagley wrote:
>=A0> The first problem I seem to be having is enabling FF flags
>=A0add_inherited > and secure_delete on my home directory. I am
>=A0running rsbac 1.2.0, kernel > 2.4.19 and the preemptive patch. I
>=A0get the following error, and and process > involving file
>=A0operations hangs: >=20
>=A0> Sep  7 02:13:02 Lynx kernel: Assertion failure in
>=A0ext3_sync_file() at > fsync.c:55: "ext3_journal_current_handle()
>=A0=3D=3D 0" > Sep  7 02:13:02 Lynx kernel: kernel BUG at fsync.c:55=
>=A0This is caused by the RSBAC secure delete code calling fsync,
>=A0although the  journal is currently open.
>=A0The attached patch avoids fsync for ext3. However, although it
>=A0seems that the  zeroed file is synced to disk by the ext3 code, I
>=A0cannot guarantee the  overwriting on disk.
>=A0This would need some direct testing, e.g. secure deleting on a
>=A0loop mount or  floppy disk and grepping for the file contents
>=A0afterwards. Volunteers?=20
>=A0[Attachment: adf-ext3.diff]

well, after recompiling rsbac with the attached patch, I created a fi=
with the contents being the word "nongoword", which I then deleted, a=
nd of
course i enabled secure delete for the directory the file was in. Usi=
ng the
lde tool, which examines and recoveres deleted files from a ext2 part=
i was able to search for the phrase "nongoword" and recover the file.