[rsbac] SCD Types

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Thu Sep 12 09:36:01 2002

On Tuesday, 10. September 2002 22:19, xtr155351@xtra.co.nz wrote:
> I wonder if anyone could point me to doco about the different SCD 
"subtypes"  I notice that a number of them have "add_to_the_kernel" - how 
does this differ between the different subtypes

ADD_TO_KERNEL only affects SCD other - the SCD type which is used to 
represent NONE targets in RC and ACL. For all others, it is ignored.

Most SCD types are only used with GET_STATUS_DATA and MODIFY_SYSTEM_DATA.

For some more information, please look into the Targets and Requests document 
at http://rsbac.org/targetsrequests.htm