[rsbac] Resources and Enhanced Role Compatibility

Jörg Lübbert rsbac@rsbac.org
Sun Oct 27 10:32:01 2002

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My introduced negative role comp model doesn't work out as I thought it 
would which is why I have to give it a little bit more thinking. If I 
have something more satisfying i'll post it ;)

Meanwhile, a subject having many roles would still be great and quiet 
easy to implement if the rights of every single role are added to the 
final set of a subjects rights (instead of a user having to switch 
between the single roles).

My suggestion about resource control via RSBAC is still valid btw ;) 
It'd be great to control cpu time, memory and max open files via RSBACs 
RC and ACL module.

And I also had the idea that it would be nice to have Type groups 
instead of only the types (which gets a bit out of control if you have 
many types for different purposes and often add and delete types). It'd 
be really great and easy to maintain if you could have something like 
that in RSBAC...

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