[rsbac] strange error

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Wed Oct 23 15:14:01 2002

Am Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2002 18:03 schrieb Bencsath Boldizsar:
> On one of my computers, with my 2.4.19+pre8 kernel (rsbac 1.2.1) ;
> (Debian) I tried to install a new libc6 package (2.3.1).
> After installing I found strange problems, and I could not boot normall=
> with rsbac kernel.
> Investigating for the problem I found , that every file that was update=
> by the apt-get install method was created with "rc_type_fd 0" (general
> file FD), no with the "inhereted" (-2) parameters, so there were no
> permissions to map_exec (etc.) them.
> I fixed the problem by attr_back_fd -r /lib |grep "type_fd 0" |sed "s/f=
> 0/fd -2/g" >/tmp/a; sh /tmp/a something...

Looks like your installation role had a def_fd_create_type of 0 instead o=
f -2.