[rsbac] Pre version 1.2.2-pre2 uploaded

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Fri Nov 22 17:32:01 2002

Hi again!

The next pre version 1.2.2-pre2 has been uploaded to http://rsbac.org/pre. It 
contains the following changes against pre1:

- JAIL flag allow_inet_localhost to additionally allow to/from local/remote 

- New RES decision module with minimum and maximum resource settings for 
users and programs

- RSBAC syscall version numbers
- Support for 2.2.21 and 2.2.22 kernels
- The three 1.2.1 bugfixes (well, no. 3 is not yet official - fix for the 
ignored JAIL flag allow_external_ipc)
- Some minor bugfixes

I'd appreciate your feedback.