[rsbac] AUTH capabilities

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Mon Nov 11 10:51:11 2002

On Sunday, 10. November 2002 18:14, Pallai Roland wrote:
>  description of the AUTH capabilities said:
>  " These are ranges of user IDs, which this program may use in a
> CHANGE_OWNER (setuid) request. The capabilities are inherited to the
> process running the program. "
>  and why can't restrict seteuid() requests? cap_setuid capability in
> this way same as cap_dac_override after seteuid(0)..  I know a solution,
> but a big overhead to set and force restricted roles aganist seteuid(0)
> for processes with cap_setuid and restricted AUTH capabilities.. much
> easiest way would be to restrict seteuid() as setuid(), and entrust all
> permission checking to linux DAC..

The check in seteuid has been removed some versions ago, because seteuid has 
no consequence for the RSBAC models. The cleanest way to check it would 
probably be an extra request CHANGE_DAC_EFF_OWNER with additional AUTH cap