[rsbac] The "LIDS versus RSBAC versus MEDUSA DS9" discussion

Michal Medvecký rsbac@rsbac.org
Fri May 31 10:45:01 2002


we are very proud to invite you to watch and participate the international
academic conference OpenWeekend (http://en.openweekend.cz/) held on June
1st on the Czech Technical University (http://www.cvut.cz/) in Prague,
Czech republic.

The conference will mostly discuss the Linux kernel security.

This discussion will include the meeting of the authors of three most significant 
kernel security patches - Medusa DS9, RSBAC and LIDS - Milan Pikula and Martin Ockajak 
of Medusa DS9, Amon Ott of RSBAC and Philippe Biondi of LIDS. These guys have never 
met before.

Martin Ockajak and Milan Pikula from MEDUSA DS9 project

How can you participate?

Whole discussion will be streamed live in the RealMedia format on


We will accept questions for tutors on the silcnet (http://silcnet.org)
server silcnet.org, channel OW (not #OW!).

The english part will start at about 3pm (GMT+2).

More info in english at http://en.openweekend.cz/ and in czech - http://www.openweekend.cz/

If anyone would be interested in helping with re-distribution of the
signal, please contact me at mailto: misko@openweekend.cz


Michal Medvecky
Czech technical university, Prague