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Wed May 8 09:01:02 2002

Amon Ott <ao@rsbac.org>
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2002.05.07 17:06
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On Tuesday, 7. May 2002 10:32, zjager@minolta.hu wrote:
> I have two RC types squid_NETOBJ /300 id/ and squid_NETTEMP /300 id/,
> and I have Squid_local network template.
> I set Squid_local template RC_type and RC_type_NT to 
> squid_NETOBJ and squid_NETTEMP, and save settings.
> After I checked previous saved settings RC_type and RC_type_NT sett=
> changed to 44.
> I haven't got any RC type with 44 id. I tried to save with backup_all 
> script and overwrite this 44 id to 300,
> and load but got same error. I use rsbac-1.2.0-pre8 kernel patch, and 
> rsbac-admin-1.2.0-pre8.

This is a bug in attr_get_net.c in the admin tools. Please apply the 
patch against it and retry.


I tried to your patch, but got same error.
I discovered problem with id.
Please look this examples:

300: 100101100
44:  000101100

net_temp new_template 141 "Squid_IP1"
net_temp set_address_family 141 INET
net_temp set_type 141 ANY
net_temp set_address 141
net_temp set_valid_len 141 32
net_temp set_protocol 141 ANY
net_temp set_netdev 141 ""
net_temp set_min_port 141 3128
net_temp set_max_port 141 3128

rc_set_item TYPE 300 type_netobj_name "Proba"
rc_set_item TYPE 300 type_nettemp_name "Proba"
attr_set_net NETTEMP rc_type 300 141
attr_set_net NETTEMP rc_type_nt 300 141

[secoff@rex secoff]$ attr_get_net NETTEMP rc_type 141

[secoff@rex secoff]$ attr_get_net NETTEMP rc_type_nt 141

Is it a bug or feature?

Please help me as soon as possible.

Üdvözlettel / Kind regards

Zoltán Jáger
Hardware Administrator
Minolta Hungary