[rsbac] Problem with Nettemp attributes

rsbac@rsbac.org rsbac@rsbac.org
Tue May 7 10:41:01 2002


I have two RC types squid=5FNETOBJ /300 id/ and squid=5FNETTEMP /300 id/,
and I have Squid=5Flocal network template.
I set Squid=5Flocal template RC=5Ftype and RC=5Ftype=5FNT to=20
squid=5FNETOBJ and squid=5FNETTEMP, and save settings.
After I checked previous saved settings RC=5Ftype and RC=5Ftype=5FNT settin=
changed to 44.
I haven't got any RC type with 44 id. I tried to save with backup=5Fall=20
script and overwrite this 44 id to 300,
and load but got same error. I use rsbac-1.2.0-pre8 kernel patch, and=20

Please help me as soon as possible.

=DCdv=F6zlettel / Kind regards

Zolt=E1n J=E1ger
Hardware Administrator
Minolta Hungary

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