R: [rsbac] 1.1.2 softmode yet access denied

Matthias Jšnichen rsbac@rsbac.org
Sun Jun 23 11:01:02 2002

At 09:44 23.06.02 +0200, Alberto Guglielmo wrote:
>As you can see the forbidden object is "RSBAC-internal", in particular is
>the directory in which rsbac (1.1.2) stores all his ACL etc.
>There is no need to access directly these items, the backup_all utility
>extracts all the stuff anyway via the proper utilities (in /usr/local/bin).
>I never tried the backup_all_1.1.2 on 1.2.0 rsbac systems, so I don't know
>if this "legal" error blocks the backup process, and as of today I'm unable
>to try it (no more 1.1.2 systems to upgrade...), but Amon Ott will surely=
>of help if so.
>In the first lines of the utility (which is a shell-script) you can read
># Backup RSBAC attributes for upgrade from 1.1.2 to 1.2.0
># This script generates a backup of most RSBAC settings on stdout.
># It is intended to run with v1.1.2 admin tools under a RSBAC v1.1.2=
># and the restore must run with v1.2.0 admin tools under a v1.2.0 kernel.
>Are you dumping attributes with a 1.1.2 kernel and 1.1.2 tools?

I would also suggest not to run under root but under secoff!


Matthias Jšnichen