[rsbac] rsbac-v1.2.1-pre3 uploaded

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Thu Jul 18 18:32:01 2002

Hi folks!

RSBAC v1.2.1-pre3 has been uploaded to http://rsbac.org/pre

- Logging by request type now moved to generic lists, split by target type 
and added into backup_all.

- Accesses to /proc/<pid>/* now get controlled as GET_STATUS_DATA on the 
PROCESS target <pid>. It can be useful to turn off logging for this 
combination - see above...

- Several smaller bugfixes and improvements.

Despite my remaining to-do items, I'd like to roll out 1.2.1 soon, because 
there are already 6 bugfixes for 1.2.0. Also, the new JAIL module could be 
really useful. Everything else will just have to wait for 1.2.2 or later.