[rsbac] Reset RSBAC

Peter Busser rsbac@rsbac.org
Sun Jul 7 12:01:02 2002


> Maybe a stupid question, but it could help me :)
> How does one reset the rsbac configuration? I mean, setting al modules and
> files to the default values?

AFAIK you can do it by booting a normal kernel and deleting all rsbac
directories in the root of each partition. In other words, if you encounter
a lost+found directory and an rsbac directory next to each other, you can
delete the rsbac directory.

RSBAC stores it's settings in files under the rsbac directory in the
root of a paritition. An RSBAC kernel will protect these directories, so
you need a normal kernel, for which the rsbac directories are just normal
directories, to remove them. Note that this will wipe out *all* RSBAC

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