R: [rsbac] Re: 1.2.0 backport to 2.2 kernels?

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:01:18 +0100

On Wednesday, 27. February 2002 07:35, Alberto Guglielmo wrote:
> To encourage Marc Martinez.....
> Especially if you employ it in a firewall, the 2.4.x kernel has many
> advantages, one for all, iptables!
> I currently have some firewall boxes with 2.4 kernels and RSBAC (1.1.2, I
> wait 1.2 "stable" ...) with full satisfaction, ok, about full ;-)

My own firewall configs have been switched to 2.4 when 2.4.13 came out. As a 
rule of thump, .13 is usually the first really stable version... ;)

You can still use ipchains with the new kernels (what I did some time for 
backwards compatibility). The only thing badly missing is FTP masquerading.

This has been dropped on 2.4.16 with ext3 on board, which is really worth the 
upgrade. I cannot afford firewalls at remote customer sites not to come up 
after a crash.

However, if people really need 2.2, the port could be done.