[rsbac] quotacheck versus rsbac.dat

Pallai Roland rsbac@rsbac.org
Mon Dec 23 20:01:02 2002

 the quotacheck doesn't run on partitions which have rsbac.dat and rsbac
is enabled.. it's a big problem for me, makes impossible to use disk
quotas with rsbac..

EverDream:/home# quotacheck -V
Quota utilities version 3.04.
EverDream:/home# quotacheck -f -m -F vfsold /home
Cannot get exact used space... Results might be inaccurate.
quotacheck: Cannot open file rsbac.dat: Operation not permitted

 can't be rsbac.dat hidden or virtually empty?? there'll much less junk
messages in the syslog too (eg. if somebody do a 'find /', then 6 line
gets logged, terrible!)..