[rsbac] auth problem

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Mon Dec 2 09:53:01 2002

On Sunday, 1. December 2002 18:15, Josh Beagley wrote:
> For some reason i am unable to add auth capabilities to executable files, I
> originally thought this was only a mysqld problem, but it now refuses to
> accept it on any file i specify, even /bin/ls. I use the command:
> auth_set_cap FILE add /usr/libexec/mysqld mysql (on any file now)
> And get result:
> Error: Operation not permitted
> Logs show:
> <6>rsbac_adf_request(): request MODIFY_ATTRIBUTE, pid 742, ppid 361,
> prog_name auth_set_cap, uid 400, target_type FILE, tid Device 03:05 Inode
> 671204 Path /usr//libexec/mysqld, attr auth_add_f_cap, value 5, result

You really get weird problems. This case is officially impossible.

> Any help appreciated.

Here we start with a short checklist:

- What are your kernel options? Please send me a .config.
- Does it work in softmode / maint mode / with all models switched off?
- Did you try a complete recompile (make clean dep bzImage)?