[rsbac] pre6 soon to come

Czako Krisztian rsbac@rsbac.org
Thu Aug 29 19:01:02 2002

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 09:59:18AM +0200, Amon Ott wrote:
> On Wednesday, 28. August 2002 23:12, Czakó Krisztián wrote:
> I just tried such a config myself, but it worked here. Maybe I need your 
> .config.

I'll send it in private mail.

> > Kernel 2.4.18 + freeswan + latest rsync RSBAC.
> That might be the problem: I forgot to remove 2.4.18-1.2.1 from rsync. That 
> version is no longer maintained, only for kernels 2.4.19 and 2.2.21.
> If you could reproduce the compile error with 2.4.19-1.2.1 from rsync, I'd 
> even more like to see your .config.
> Do you need 2.4.18 support?

Yes. I had several filesystem corruption with 2.4.19. I tried resierfs and xfs
(latest cvs xfs patch). With 2.4.18 I've never got this (xfs Release 1.1),
nor with previous (eg. 2.4.17) kernels. So I don't want to use 2.4.19.
I can't use ext2 or ext2, because ext2 has no journal, ext3 cannot be
resized runtime.
I had the above problems with or without RSBAC, so it's not related to it.
And it seems to be reproducable, but I hadn't got enough time to test it.
If you're interested, the main kernel config options:
p2, p3 or p4 cpu, IDE block device with pIIx support, freeswan patch with
almost all options enabled, module support turned off, ext2, ext3 and
reiserfs in kernel, raid1 in kernel, lvm in kernel. root on partition, all
others on lvm. mostly root corrupted after several hours of work. after
reboot the system randomly hangs while mounting filesystems.
The same with xfs patch, the addition is xfs (dmapi, acl, quota) in kernel.

I think I should have been sent it to the kernel list... maybe next time :)


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