[rsbac] problems compiling rsbac

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Thu Aug 29 10:28:01 2002

On Thursday, 29. August 2002 00:36, Liviu Sas wrote:
> 	I found the problem, and here is the patch .... I hope it's ok ...
> The patch is against 1.2.1-pre5.

Thanks. Turning debug support off also revealed some more compile errors and 
a dependency problem in jail module. Corrected here and put in rsync.

> 	But I found another problem ... Using 2.4.19 an 1.2.1-pre5, I get this 
> compiling the kernel:
> rsbac/rsbac.o: In function `check_comp_rc':
> rsbac/rsbac.o(.text+0x24b3e): undefined reference to 
> `rsbac_net_remote_request'

This has already been fixed in the rsync version, file rsbac/adf/rc/rc_main.c.