[rsbac] pre6 soon to come

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Thu Aug 29 09:57:00 2002

On Wednesday, 28. August 2002 23:12, Czakó Krisztián wrote:
> | The dependency problem was thought to be fixed in pre4. Those of you,
> who had
> | this problem, what version did you compile?
> |
> | If you report outstanding bugs now, I will do my best to fix them...
> I've just tested 1.2.1pre5, not the earlier 1.2.1pre.
> One dependency bug I've found is you have to enable
> Decision module (policy) options->Support for Registration of decision
> modules (REG) to be able to compile with network device support (RSBAC
> networking options->RSBAC network support).
> I compile non-modular kernels (Loadable module support->Enable loadable
> module support option disabled).

I just tried such a config myself, but it worked here. Maybe I need your 

> Kernel 2.4.18 + freeswan + latest rsync RSBAC.

That might be the problem: I forgot to remove 2.4.18-1.2.1 from rsync. That 
version is no longer maintained, only for kernels 2.4.19 and 2.2.21.

If you could reproduce the compile error with 2.4.19-1.2.1 from rsync, I'd 
even more like to see your .config.

Do you need 2.4.18 support?