[rsbac] two problems

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Sat Aug 24 14:53:01 2002

On Friday, 23. August 2002 20:25, Josh Beagley wrote:
> trying to install rsbac-admin tools 1.2.0, it compiles fine, and almost
> finishes the install, but when getting to the line that contans ginstall -D
> it says -D is not a valid option?

Do you have the install program installed? ginstall usually does not get 
called, unless install is missing.
> also, is it possible to restrict a user to only see their own processes?

Yes, e.g. with RC model in 1.2.1. You can give each user a separate PROCESS 
type and only allow GET_STATUS_DATA on this. For all other processes, the 
user will then only see the number, but nothing else.

Using JAIL, you could start the user's login shell with rsbac_jail, which has 
about the same effect on process visibility. Never tried jailed login shells,