[rsbac] rsbac_jail & postfix

Tycho Fruru rsbac@rsbac.org
Fri Aug 23 12:09:18 2002

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On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 11:28, Czak=F3 Kriszti=E1n wrote:

> I try to start Postfix in an rsbac_jail, but have some problems.
> The postfix master process could not bind to its sockets (public/cleanup,
> public/rewrite, etc.).

Same problem here with postgres (which also wants UNIX sockets)...

> This is the message from RSBAC:
> rsbac_adf_request(): request CREATE, pid 6077, ppid 6013, prog_name
> master, uid 0, target_type DIR, tid Device 58:07 Inode 17658 Path
> /var//lib/jails/mail//var/spool/postfix/public, attr none, value 0,
> result NOT_GRANTED by JAIL

modulo the filenames and paths, I get the same message=20


perhaps this one is not taken into account with the "no IPC" exception
in rsbac_jail ?

cheers and thanks for the great work, rsbac guys - it saves my a$$ every
day :-)


Tycho Fruru			                tycho@fruru.com
"Prediction is extremely difficult. Especially about the future."
  - Niels Bohr

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