[rsbac] 1.2.1-pre5 soon

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Mon Aug 12 10:56:01 2002

Hi folks!

1.2.1-pre5 / rc2 will be out soon, there have been quite a few bugfixes. That 
one shall be for 2.2.20-21 and 2.4.19.

Sure I'd appreciate feedback. Special issues:

- Backup and restore: There have been errors in the resulting script, and 
acl_grant for FD targets did not work, but was used in there. Also, the 
defaults made problems for correct restore, so you can now switch them off.

- SMP locking for mounts: with two parallel processes constantly mounting and 
umounting, 2.4 kernels with RSBAC reliably lock up after some time. This 
seems to be a circular lock dependency problem. Also, we had locking problems 
with automounting many mounts during boot. The current rsync version seems to 
be better, but I still need feedback from real SMP users.