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Tycho Fruru rsbac@rsbac.org
Wed Aug 7 11:36:01 2002

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I may help to describe your problem in more detail.

- What do you want to achieve ?
- What did you do to achieve this ? (include specifics)
- In what way is it not working (eg. I cannot login anymore)
- Include as much information as necessary (/var/log/messages normally
is a good source of information)

Without this information it is really difficult to help you out !

Oh, and you seem to be sending your mail through a known spam relay.=20
This may lead some people to refuse your mail although it is not spam in


On Wed, 2002-08-07 at 09:12, heavenbird1999 wrote:
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t.com., type:]
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> SPAM:                    [RBL check: found
orant.org., type:]
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am Source
> SPAM:=20
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> Help me!
> Modles of the RSBAC can not work properly.What's wrong with them?
> For exmaple MAC module do not work even though I  set the attributes=20
> through "rsbac_menu" following the steps of the article "RSBAC For Beginn=
er"(the MAC module is open)
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