[rsbac] FTP mirror of /kernels dir needed

Fabrice MARIE rsbac@rsbac.org
Tue Aug 6 11:21:01 2002

On Tuesday 06 August 2002 15:39, Amon Ott wrote:
> > > Thank you, the problem is the missing reget in HTTP.
> > (I know this is offtopic, but this is a common misunderstanding about
> > HTTP and its features)
> Thanks for clearing that up. I should probably make a note about it on the
> download page.

With wget under linux (every distro provide that one, at least on the CD),
you can do a:

# wget -c http://www.rsbac.org/the-big-big-tarball.tar.gz
and it will continue the download from where it was stopped :)

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