[rsbac] FTP mirror of /kernels dir needed

Tycho Fruru rsbac@rsbac.org
Tue Aug 6 09:34:02 2002

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On Mon, 2002-08-05 at 09:59, Amon Ott wrote:
> On Sunday, 4. August 2002 22:29, Tycho Fruru wrote:
> > > There seem to be quite a few people who have problems with these larg=
> files=20
> > > through HTTP. Who of you could provide an FTP mirror of this subdir?
> > I can set up a HTTP mirror if you want but FTP unfortunately is not
> > possible (security yadda yadda why don't we just kill FTP :-). Your cal=
> > whether you want this or not :-)
> Thank you, the problem is the missing reget in HTTP.

(I know this is offtopic, but this is a common misunderstanding about
HTTP and its features)

Actually HTTP has this "reget" capability (and in a very flexible form
as well), but unfortunately most browsers are still missing it -
download managers often do support it though :

[snippet from RFC2616, describing HTTP/1.1]

9.3 GET


   The semantics of the GET method change to a "partial GET" if the
   request message includes a Range header field. A partial GET requests
   that only part of the entity be transferred, as described in section
   14.35. The partial GET method is intended to reduce unnecessary
   network usage by allowing partially-retrieved entities to be
   completed without transferring data already held by the client.

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