[rsbac] RSBAC rsync Server

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Tue Apr 30 18:06:01 2002

...is now available at rsbac.remoteserver.org.

You can rsync from that server, e.g. try
rsync rsbac.remoteserver.org::
to get a list of public ressources. All kernel and RSBAC version specific 
ressources can be rsynced right into your kernel source tree.

The rsync server will hold the newest development code, which compiles and 
seems to work. It is meant to give you some insight between pre releases, 
check out bug fixes and give me feedback. Some day there might also be an cvs 
available, but not yet.

Since the server is on a flatrate DSL connection, it might not always be 
available, and the IP will change from time to time. Please use the 
automatically updated DNS name only. I will post possible changes to name and 
availability here.

The same server can also be used for mailing list membership management, the 
links are included into rsbac.org contact/mailing list pages. This service 
might be turned off later, if necessary.

Certainly, everything runs under RSBAC v1.2.0-pre...